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I was born in Cornwall. The first few years of my life were spent between a housing estate in Essex and a caravan in a field in Wales. But then we moved to Devon and liked it so much that we decided to stay.

Growing up in the country involved:

Climbing trees

Building dens

Chasing cows

Making mud pies

Falling out of trees

Falling into streams

Running away from cows

Nettle stings

Growing Up

At school I developed a great love of literature and poetry, and was lucky enough to have inspiring English teachers who encouraged me to write my own stories. I went to university in Canterbury, where I studied English literature.

After leaving university I travelled around a lot and did so many different jobs that I have lost count of them. I was a stewardess on a paddle steamer for a while, as well as a chalet maid in the French Alps and a flower picker in the south west. Then I decided to try something new, and went to work in London for a publishing company who made children's books.

Nowadays . . .

I have come back to live in Devon, and I love it very much. I like the hustle and bustle of the city too, but I think I would go loopy if I lived there. I like being able to see the land meeting the sky, so I live in an old cottage on the edge of Dartmoor.

I am very lucky because I get paid to do something I love. I think that writing is the best job in the world, and that writing for children is the best kind - and the most fun.

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